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Hello, I'm Kara M. Zone

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Author | Editor | Writing & Self-Publishing Coach

A weaver of words and a bender of imagination. Kara is an author, ghostwriter, editor and coach. She helps clients learn how to create the best stories for their voice, ideas, and brand.  Her true passion is helping others reach their goals in the publishing world. (And writing. Always, writing.) 


Kara M. Zone crafts tales of magic, mayhem, and mischief. She is the author of the forthcoming paranormal fantasy Cinders Burn at Midnight (Early 2025), book one of the Trinity series. When she is not writing her own books, Kara works as a ghostwriter, writing coach, and editor. She occasionally writes paranormal cozy mysteries under the name Emory Keller. 

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Editor, Ghostwriter, Writing Coach

Kara M. Zone has written over 25 novels in paranormal, thriller, mystery, and cozy genres. She has an intrinsic understanding of genre tropes and focuses on paranormal and supernatural realms and all the goolies, goblins, and mayhem that come with them.​ Her books have been Amazon bestsellers and a majority have 4.4 star rating or higher.


She is an excellent communicator who checks in with clients frequently and responds to messages promptly. Kara works quickly and efficiently while incorporating an amazing amount of creativity and individuality into each story. She provides clean manuscripts with minimal editing and knows a good communicative system is necessary to develop the best novel possible.​


Kara is also an editor and writing coach. She works with both nonfiction and fiction and loves to help others understand the nuances and interests readers look for. ​If you're looking for someone who can lace together tales of magic, mayhem, and mischief, you’ve found the right person.


Kara's skills have led her to become a short story contest judge for online magazines including NY Midnight. It has opened a new avenue to help writers hone their craft.


Now seeking clients who appreciate communication and organization with a dash of magic thrown into the mix.

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