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Aside from being an author, Kara is also a ghostwriter, editor, and writing coach. 

She can help you figure out what publishing avenue you'd like to take, and if you choose to do self-publishing, she can guide you through the process. 

She'll speak to your group or organization about the publishing world and how to keep real expectations when looking to publish a book or start an independent press. 


See her price guides below. 


For speaking opportunities, reach out via the contact form, to discuss the individual needs of your organization and can come up with a personalized price point. 


As a ghostwriter in the commercial and self-publishing realm for the last five years, she's written over 40 novels, 16 published on between 2022 and 2024. Fifteen have a 4.4-star rating or higher on These books have also been on Amazon best sellers for weeks.


She's been editing since 2015 and have a myriad of skills, a knowledge of style-guides and worked with some best sellers too! 

Let Kara look at your book and help make it the best version of itself that it can be. 

She offers developmental, copy, and line edits. 

If you just need someone to proofread, to clean things up, she can help you there as well.


Kara's been in the professional writing world since 2019. 

She's seen things that self-publishers and aspiring authors do, what they shouldn't do, and what they could be doing better. 

She can offer you coaching for either writing, self-publishing, or both. 

She develops individualized plans for each person. She wants to give you the support you need to help fulfil your dream

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