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Editing: Fees & Processes

This service includes developmental, copy, and line edits as well as proofreading.

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing depends on the book type an author/collaborator needs.


Some examples could be:

  • Reading outline, character development, plot, setting, etc.

    • This price is contingent on what a client is looking for.

      • For example, an Outline and character development draft of 1600 words would be $100.00 with a full write-up of notes, including comments on the document.

      • A longer document with other requested details would be a higher amount, and it would include a call with the client (no fee) to understand what they are searching for.

  • Read the draft to see what the manuscript is missing and add comments throughout the document with ideas or places where there could be improvement.

    • Prices vary. However, developmental editing will include:

      • A full write-up of notes and ideas with a report answering developmental questions (Kara has a report already made up and can provide the form if you’d like).

      • One copy of the draft with comments throughout the book.

      • Generally, these are paid per word, but it depends on what the client seeks.

      • Kara will have one 30-minute introductory phone call with the client before sending over a quote.

    • The going rate for developmental editing is .0033, and Kara would/will adhere to that standard as a price point. However, depending on what the client asks for, the price may go up or down.

  • A phone call with clients who need help putting a focus on their thoughts. These are normally with clients looking to do non-fiction books but cannot focus their thoughts.

    • The first call as an introduction will be no fee for a 30-minute phone call.

    • These phone calls will be $100.00 per hour and will include a complete write-up of notes, thoughts, and a tentative outline for the author to begin using.


Copy Editing

.0035 cents a word. For example: A 50,000-word book will be $175.00.


The process is as follows:

  • The full manuscript/draft will be delivered.

  • The deadline is contingent on the number of words/page number.

    • For example, A 50,000-word document will be completed within five to seven business days.

    • A higher fee is necessary for a tighter deadline.

  • These edits will be for both punctuation and grammar.

    • Kara may point out any confusing or clunky wording, but she won’t be reading for that. For a more in-depth edit, see “Line Editing” below.

  • Kara will read through the entire book, making “suggestions” on a copy of the manuscript.

    • This can be in any format the client/writer likes.

  • The writer will then review the document and click “accept” or “reject” based on the tone/voice they are going for.

  • Once the writing is complete, they can send it to me for a second reading.

  • Kara will also send an editorial report with the completion of the project.

Line Editing

.0045 per word

Line editing is a form of editing that checks and improves a text's clarity, conciseness, tone, voice, style, and readability. It examines the text on a sentence level, suggesting word choice, syntax, and punctuation changes. It also ensures consistency, accuracy, and completeness of the text. Line editing is more in-depth than copy editing, a general term for editing the mechanics of a text. Line editing is sometimes called stylistic editing. 


The process is as follows:

  • Receive the manuscript/draft and review the sentences for the information above—to ensure the text is consistent, accurate, and completeness.

  • Kara will add “suggestions” to the document, and the writer can then “accept” or “reject” them.

  • This price includes a second read-through.

    • “Suggestions” will be made a second time, and the writer/author can “accept” or “reject” these suggestions.

  • The timeline for Line Edits varies depending on the word count/page number.

  • Kara will also send an editorial report with the completion of the project.



.0015 per word.


The process is as follows:

  • Read the manuscript/draft and fix spelling, punctuation, and word usage errors. Kara will go over this once and then go over it again for no additional fee.

  • The timeline will be dependent on the word count/page number.

  • For example, a 50,000-word book will take roughly five to seven business days.

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