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Ghostwriting: Fees & Processes

This service includes fiction and non-fiction books. Fees vary by word count and research.


Current going rate is: $0.05 a word

While this isn't necessary to work with a client: There is a one-time 200.00 fee for any work previously written/done to familiarize me with the voice the author is looking for.

The Process:

First Milestone—Lead work (2500–5000 words).

  • Kara does this so the collaborator sees if the voice and story are going in the right direction. If it's not, she will rewrite for no extra charge. This isn't included in the "revision fee" mentioned below.

  • Once first milestone is approved, changes won't be made until the entire manuscript is complete.

Upcoming Milestones—Agreed upon word count and timeline.

Generally, it looks like this:

  • Milestone One: 7500 words (five business days)

  • Milestone Two: 7500 words (five business days)

  • Milestone Three: 7500 words (five business days)


  • Timelines and milestone wordcount vary for each client.

  • A novel or non-fiction book that is 30,000 words will take less time than a novel or non-fiction that is 100,000 words.

  • Timelines and milestones are also contingent on client approval, review turnaround time, etc.

For example: Kara can write a 50,000-word book in six weeks. This will not be the completed product, but the first draft. Then it will go to beta readers (if choosing to use this step) and then an editor.

The milestones Kara sends aren't the final manuscript. Through the writing and editing process the draft will be ironed out.

Unless there are major scene/developmental shifts/changes that need to happen, she won't incorporate comments until the revision stage (more on this below).

The price of .05 cents a word for a novel or non-fiction book includes the following items:

  • One round of revisions after read-through (from you or someone else).

    • This includes updates, additions, and scene shifts.

  • One round of updates from copyeditor.

Other Items to Note:

  • If you'd like more word count, we will discuss this and then agree to another set price for extra words.

  • Revisions for more than 5000 words will incur extra charges.

  • Timelines for revisions can/will be set once the draft is complete. It's dependent on how quickly the edits/read-through and copyedits happen.

A note about editing: I cannot edit my own work and have editor colleagues who could help you if you're interested. However, she's very flexible when working with others and will be more than happy to work with someone from outside my list of known editors.

She keeps a line of communication open when working with clients and collaborators to make sure that feedback, concerns, thoughts, and questions can be answered quickly for both sides. 

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